Welcome to Dispatch

Dispatch is a platform to build reliable distributed systems. Via a simple programming model, it provides the best way to create data pipelines, event-driven systems, workflow as code, and much more. Write your Python code as usual, decorate your functions, and you are ready to go!

With Dispatch, you get:

  • Idiomatic and simple SDKs with built-in async support. Create durable cloud applications while keeping your code simple.

  • Suspendable/resumable functions bring execution durability. Your functions automatically recover in case of an infrastructure event, and you keep your compute under control.

  • Built-in state management allows advanced scheduling features, durability, replay, and deep introspection.

  • Fair scheduling and automated retries on failure to deal with transient failures and automatically adapt the execution rate to the available capacity.

  • Built-in queuing to reduce your infrastructure burden and help you manage any scale change.

Getting started

Create your first durable application with Dispatch using the Getting Started guide.

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