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Dispatch removes the burden of cloud infrastructure and lets you focus on what matters. Everything you need to build highly scalable and fault-tolerant cloud applications is offered by our SDK.

Applications run inside your infrastructure, giving you full control over data and compliance. Dispatch takes care of the orchestration remotely, ensuring your functions will always be executed in the most efficient way.

Durable execution

Durable execution refers to the ability of a system to maintain its functionality over time. It means that your functions will be executed no matter what, even when underlying infrastructure fails.

Dispatch takes care of making your application durable. During execution of your functions, Dispatch tracks the state of your application, ensures functions run to completion, and handles the retries in case of a failure.

This is happening completely transparently to you, using the concept of durable coroutines when functions are wrapped with the @dispatch.function decorator.

Flow control

Flow control refers to the ability to manage the orchestration of functions in an optimal way while ensuring fairness and efficiency.

Dispatch uses an adaptive conccurency control algorithm to automatically adjust the execution rate of functions. This algorithm is taking inspiration from TCP’s congestion control and was purposely engineered for the cloud functions.

Adaptive concurrency control has proven to be effective at large scale companies like Segment and completely removed the need to deal with retries.